About us

With the experience of a global company, as a former department of Hoechst, unsurpassed flexibility and customer oriented, Filkemp• is internationally recognized as a reliable partner in quality and service. Filkemp• is present worldwide. Located near Lisbon, it produces technical monofilaments in polyester for fabrics for paper manufacturing machines (paper machine clothing), as well as for the manufacture of light conveyor belts and filtration fabrics. It produces also polyamide monofilaments for sport and commercial fishing and for mooring cables.  In 2011, Filkemp• started up producing abrasive monofilaments in PA6, PA6.10 and PA6.12, for polishing and deburring tools in automotive and metal industry, decorative rocks and textile industry.  Also in this innovative business area, Filkemp• aims to be one of the world biggest producers in the short future.
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