Abrasive Filaments

Filkemp produces PA 6, PA 610 and PA 612  based abrasive bristles and profiles for technical applications.
bristles and profiles for technical applications. The polymer is chosen according to the application of the abrasive bristle, for example, if it is used with a fluid medium to cool down tools during machining or used in a dry environment to work on wood. As the maximum humidity absorption for the PA 612 is approximately 1% lower when compared to PA 610, PA 612 is used preferably in those cases where a long lasting stiffness of the bristles during grinding in humid environment is needed. Having humidity absorption of approximately 4% makes an abrasive bristle based on PA 6 inappropriate for application in humid environment. The PA 6 bristle loses its stiffness and consequently its abrasive effect. There are two types of silicon carbide (SiC). The green and the black silicon carbide, which differentiate primarily due to their brittleness. The green silicon carbide is the most brittle material and is used mainly for hard metal machining. The black silicon carbide is used for machining castings, nonferrous metals, glass, stone and ceramic. Besides SiC, there are also other abrasives, for example, such based on aluminium oxide that can be incorporated into the polymer matrix. Aluminium oxide and black silicon carbide in fine grit sizes are used in the metal industry for lapping and polishing. Ceramic grit is preferred for textile applications or applications were high wear capacity is required. Diamond grit is nowadays becoming more important, as its wear capacity is extremely high, as well as its durability.